About Us

In today’s social media driven world the pressure to look like an IG model is real. Eclipse is a cryo med-spa, using the most effective and trusted cryogenic and body sculpting treatments helping women and men become their most attractive selves.

Eclipse has not forgotten the elite athlete seeking peak performance, cyro-genics is the magic elixir. We strive to help our clients look amazing, glow with self-confidence and perform at peak levels. Eclipse does all this while offering payment options to fit any budget!! Your body is our business!- Both “about us” under Elite and Beauty should introduce us and explain our goal. Elite cryo.

Why Choose Us

Eclipse’s priority is your satisfaction. Our mission is to make sure we are the wellness solution you trust. You want us to sculpt your body? Done! Repair skin imperfections? For athletes looking for maximum performance, done! We’re on it! You want a younger more youthful glow? We will help! You want the results of a Facelift – without the surgery ? We have the solution! We also help both women and men build muscle, burn fat and sculpt their bodies. We get it done, it’s that simple.

Our team of skin, face and body specialists and professionals work together to help you develop a personalized, non-invasive treatment plan.

Eclipse Beauty Services

Lymphatic Drainage Massage

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Cryo Facial

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BodySculpt (Build Muscle/Reduce Fat)

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